About Me

My name is Kyle Walters, I’m currently in my mid 20’s, and I am working to become a Penetration Tester (My dream job). Currently I work in IT as a Cloud Infrastructure Engineer. Firstly, I started on this journey in 2016 when I decided to pursue a career in IT. Shortly there after I got A+ Certified and landed a IT Help Desk position. I went from a Help Desk role to preparing for the Linux plus to landing a Linux focused Cloud Infrastructure Engineer position. Along the way I heard about Penetration Testing and Red Teaming and it sounded like a exciting and fulfilling career to have. In little time I became immersed and fascinated with InfoSec related content such as Conference talks, Podcasts such as Darknet Diaries and Hackable. All this made it so by early 2019 I was determined to get into InfoSec and more specifically as a Penetration Tester. I understood that most employers will look for at least a year or two of non-entry level IT experience. That is why by April 2019 I had my Linux+ and by November 2019 I was working as a Cloud Infrastructure Engineer for a good company.


  • Complete my Bachelors of Cyber Security and Information Assurance Program.
  • Obtain the OSCP certification.
  • Obtain the OSCE certification.
  • Obtain the SANS GPEN.
  • Do a talk at a conference (local).
  • Contribute regularly to an opensource project.
  • Complete 2 years of work experience in a non-entry level IT position(November, 2021).
  • Attend Defcon for the first time.
  • Attend BSides Boston and InfoSec meetups regularly.
  • get in the top 25 place for an open-registration online Security CTF.